2023 Christmas Card from an Artist

2023 Christmas Card from an Artist

Giving the gift of joy through snail mail, art and Christmas cards.

In 2020, I was sketching watercolor scenes from some of my favorite landscapes. They were places I wanted to transport myself to, but due to circumstances the only places I could go was within the four walls of a dark apartment. I wondered how many other people might be feeling the same way.

I decided to ask. After creating 11 different tiny watercolor scenes with bright vibrant colors, I published a post offering for people to request as many as they'd like. The answer filled my heart with joy. I sent out over 100 tiny watercolors all across the country.

Fast forward to 2023, and the thought of that project has stayed in the back of my mind. Three years later, I finally acted on what I'd thought about for far too long: the first annual Christmas Card from an Artist.

The Process

The process started by sketching out 4 designs that I felt would fit the card. Knowing that I was going to produce a one color only card design helped me narrow down the options, but it was still a toss up between the classic, snowy home and the horse looking at the stars. The choice ended up being the horse.

Working on such a small block was challenging especially when you are trying to carve animals (especially horses). I had a few slips that caused some things to change, but for the most part carving went smoothly. I did go back and refine the horse more after the first test print.

Finally, I hand-pulled each of the 25 prints, which meant each one had unique differences based on pressure and ink. I enjoyed every minute of the process.

What is Christmas Card from an Artist?

Simply put, it's a mystery holiday card featuring an original print snail mailed to you for the holidays.

  • Is it free? Yes, you just have to sign up. The best way to find out when sign ups open is to subscribe to my newsletter.
  • Will I like it? If you like my art, then you will enjoy the card.
  • How big is the card? 2023's card was a 3.5x5.
  • When will I get it? Cards are mailed out by December 15.