The Lone Cowgirl

The Lone Cowgirl

The lone cowgirl in a landscape is imagery that has captivated me for many years. It starts from personal experiences, but is furthered cultivated from life itself and a particular painting. To honor this inspiration, I'm creating a collection set to be released in Fall 2024.

Collection Inspiration

One of the first places I lived after graduating high school was a large ranch on the border of Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. I had grown up horseback, but this was place was my first memory of being truly alone on a horse among the land. I had never experienced a place like it. The rolling, open hills allowed you to see for miles, and yet, all you saw was land. No buildings. No people. Few roads. It was here that I first felt the feeling of how I would describe the lone cowgirl subject. The second time I felt it was when I saw Glenn Dean’s painting, Sage and Solitude. The best way I can describe it with words is this:

The land surrounds you, sings to you and the sun tans the tops of your hands. In all of it you are at peace, but you also have an innate understanding of just how small you are in that place. This smallness does not make you feel less than, but instead respected and, in turn, a respect for every other living thing out there.

That feeling is not restricted to only being horseback. I’ve felt it many times since out on a hike, kayaking down a river or camping. It’s a feeling that grounds you and also gives you strength. It’s why being among the land is so important to me, as it helps shrink a mountain of challenges down to molehill-size and provides the inspiration needed to keep going.

Collection Details

This collection’s focus is to capture both active and reflective feelings of resiliency, independence and the wildness that comes from being the solitary figure in a landscape that stretches out in front of you.

As I work through each piece I’ll be sharing highlights on social media and deeper looks at the process and details with my newsletter list, as they will get first access when it officially is complete. To follow along, you can sign up below.


About The First Print in the Collection

The opening piece for The Lone Cowgirl collection is a five color 11x14 reduction print titled, Fall Gather. This print is an edition of 8 with multiple unique prints that were produced during the printing process.