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Edition: 2 of 4 — Reduction Print

Cactus Cafe #2

Cactus Cafe #2

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Local cafes are the place to stop for breakfast, and it seems every town has a favorite. With unique decor and atmosphere, it's not uncommon to find the owner serving your food to you. In a way, they feel like home. This four color reduction print was inspired by those quirky, small-town cafes. Pulling in details from local signage and adding in the cactus that has long since overgrown its space, I wanted to capture both the busy nature of a local cafe and the cramped space the building usually occupies while surrounded by more modern architecture.

The Details

  • 5"x5" reduction print
  • Printed on 7"x7" cream paper
  • Matted to fit a 10"x10" frame
  • "Cactus Cafe" has 4 color layers.
  • Edition of 4
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