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Edition: 4 of 25 — 2x2 Series

Chevy #4

Chevy #4

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For years, I was provided the opportunity to drive my grandfather's 1991 Chevy pickup around. It had that striking red interior and a rusting white exterior. I enjoyed that pickup immensely.

I might have cursed it a few times for breaking down, like it did on New Year's Day in a fancy, gated community, but for the most part it was as reliable as ever. I trucked back and forth from Oklahoma to Wyoming and everywhere in between in that pickup. My favorite part though was seeing my heeler in the back enjoying the drive or waiting on me to come out of the store.

While the heeler is still with me, we've both aged since those days. I no longer drive that Chevy, but I captured the essence of it in this print.

The Details

  • 2"x2" block print
  • Printed on 4"x4" cream paper
  • Framed in a 6"x6" white wood frame
  • 1 color layer
  • Edition of 25
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