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Edition: 2 of 25 — 2x2 Series

Sunny Divide #2

Sunny Divide #2

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  • This piece is available at RTown Art Gallery.
One spring I drove along a mountain highway almost daily, and there was a house on a hill for sale. At that time I was far too young and broke to afford anything much less that house and barn, but I remember daydreaming about what my life would look like if I lived in that house.

I'd be able to see the storms roll in from far away and the sunsets would be glorious. The dog would have plenty of room to roam, but they'd have to learn not to get too close to the highway. The house was built of faded white something, I can't recall exactly, and the barn stood not far away.

I'm always fascinated by those old barns that are beginning to lean and sway from the weight of the wind and the movement of the ground. They stand for years after they look like they shouldn't.

The Details

  • 2"x2" block print
  • Printed on 4"x4" cream paper
  • Framed in a 6"x6" white wood frame
  • 1 color layer
  • Edition of 25
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